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Covid - 19 Protocols and Guidelines

Before Your Appointment

24 hours before your previously scheduled appointment, I will call you to do a Covid-19 pre-screening questionnaire. If you are unable to answer and I get your voicemail, I will leave a message. You must return my call within 24 hours of your appointment, otherwise the scheduled massage will not be able to take place. This 24 hour screening is mandated by the Governor's executive order #154.

When You Arrive 

When you arrive for your appointment, I ask that you stay in your car and text or call me when you arrive. I will let you know when it is okay to enter the building. 

All clients must remove their shoes upon entering the building. 

Before you enter the building, you must be wearing a clean face cover/mask. It must be worn at all times, before, during and after receiving your bodywork. When you are lying face down, you can remove the face mask. If for some reason you do not have a mask, I can provide one for a small fee.

You will be asked to submit to a forehead temperature check.  If your temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees, you will not be able to receive your massage. 

When you arrive, you will be required to fill out a Covid-19 health information & informed consent form.  If you answer “yes” to any of the questions or if your temperature is 100.4 degrees or above, we will not be able to proceed with your massage.  In either case, You will not be able to schedule another appointment until you are 72 hours symptom free, without having taken any fever reducing medication, or 14 days after exposure to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive individual. There is no exception to this.

I will have hand sanitizer available for you to use as you enter and leave the building.


I am following guidelines put forth by: 

  • The State of New Jersey Executive order 154 as issued by Governor Phil Murphy. 

  • The Center for Disease Control

  • OSHA safe practices for Covid-19 

  • EPA guidelines for products used to kill the Covid-19 virus.

  • New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

  • American Massage Therapy Association 

  • The American Bodywork & Massage Professional Association guidelines.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, I have purchased a Hepa air purifying system that will be on at all times. I’ll be utilizing a UV light sterilizer in the studio, waiting room and bathroom between each client. The massage table, face cradle, pillows and bolsters will be covered during the session and disinfected with products that are EPA approved for sanitation and disinfecting. Of course, new clean sheets and blankets will be used as always.

In addition, I will be wearing “scrubs” which I’ll be changing between each client. I’ll also be wearing a fresh disposable covering, which will be thrown out after single use. A mask and face shield will be worn as I am working on you as well.

Just a few more things...

No contact payment is preferred. I prefer to use Zelle, which is a no fee transfer payment method used by most banks.  All you’ll need is my cell phone number.  If you don’t use this, checks or cash will be fine.

I will not be charging for canceled appointments at this time. I ask as always, but especially at this time, if you are not feeling well, please cancel your session.   

Kindly be on time for your appointment. Because of the added times needed for sanitation and disinfectant practices, please understand that I will not be able to give you extra time. 


320A Bloomfield Ave. Verona, NJ

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